Monday, August 30, 2010

Why is it Monday?

So we are on day two in our new place and so far so good.  The place looks like hell, but hey what can you do. =)  I am still having to get more items from our old place and boy do I look forward into cleaning it too.  Its bad enough that I have to unpack and clean the new place.  But damn I have to pack and clean to old place.  Oh how I hate moving.  And to top it off, It's Monday!!!  Thank GOD I have the day off, but I feel like I am still working.   I hope you all have a better Monday then I am having.  Plus I am still recovering from food poisoning. SO FML!!!  But it will be nice to have my tattoo love come home and help me tonight.  I think I will make some cupcakes. (if I can actually get into my kitchen)

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