Monday, September 6, 2010

I am boycotting Downtown San Jose!!

So Saturday night, a bunch of my co workers and I went down to San Jose to a club for VIP bottle service.  It was our friends birthday, so this was going to be a fun night.  One of my other friends called ahead a reserved the table a couple of days earlier, so everything was set.  All we needed to do is primp and get our drink on!!

Minutes past and while we were downing our first bottle of vodka, the "hostess" asked if we wanted our second bottle, we said sure.  Then after hours of debauchery and fun we got a bill for $871.62!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!  

Some dumb broad in a leopard print dress ordered more bottles on our table and drank it.  WTF!!!  We  got charged for it.  Then we tried to resolve the issue and because we didn't have the amount, the club decided to keep two of our friends ID's. Credit Cards, and Cameras.  I now for a fact that this is illegal.

Anyways, all I am say is stay away from rude ass waitresses, over aggravated bouncers, and snooty wanna be club managers......Stay away from Motif Lounge!!!

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