Monday, August 30, 2010

Why is it Monday?

So we are on day two in our new place and so far so good.  The place looks like hell, but hey what can you do. =)  I am still having to get more items from our old place and boy do I look forward into cleaning it too.  Its bad enough that I have to unpack and clean the new place.  But damn I have to pack and clean to old place.  Oh how I hate moving.  And to top it off, It's Monday!!!  Thank GOD I have the day off, but I feel like I am still working.   I hope you all have a better Monday then I am having.  Plus I am still recovering from food poisoning. SO FML!!!  But it will be nice to have my tattoo love come home and help me tonight.  I think I will make some cupcakes. (if I can actually get into my kitchen)

Friday, August 27, 2010


After spending 4 wasteful hours of my life at my job, I was able to have lunch with 2 amazing friends/co-workers.  I love my A-Team!!  I needed some time with my girls.  Amazing food with yummy drinks made my Friday perfect.  Also blasting our lazy, useless, bitch of a head manager on the radio with the cherry on the cake.  Awwww I love my life!!!
I am gearing up for a very busy weekend.  Between work and moving, I am one busy woman. 
Me and my love are moving into a two bedroom apartment with his co-worker for a 6 month lease.  We are both trying to save some money to get our own place.  I am ready to start our family in our own place.  A place where we don't have to rent.  So I am off to pack up our lives and ready to start our new adventure.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Endless stomach pains

So I am just going to put it out there.  DO NOT piss off your servers when you go to a restaurant!!  
A bunch of friends of mine went to the Beach on Tuesday because we have had a heat wave.  While drinking and playing in the ocean we all decided to go to Olive Garden for dinner for the Endless Pasta Bowls.  Well it took them 45 minutes to seat us.  On a Tuesday night, Come on.  Give me a break!!  Then after we ordered our drinks from two waitresses we had to find a manager to get our bread sticks and salad.  After the manager came over to apologize, we started getting the service we deserved.  Of course the waitresses put a gratuity on our tab, but whatever.
Well all day Wednesday and today I feel like hell.  I think the bitch waitress poisoned me!!  
But thankfully I have an amazing boyfriend to take care of me.  He mad me some soup last night and cuddled with me.  
He is a keeper!!  Let see what tomorrow brings in this love adventure...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New beginings...

It has been almost one year since I moved to the Sunshine State from the Mile High.  I moved here with my boyfriend to start a new life with him.  We have had our ups and down and many tattoos as well.  

I am starting this blog hoping and wishing that in one year, I will be engaged to my tattoo love. 

I am hoping for the best in both of our lives.  So please send me you comments and enjoy this one year ride with me.  Including many more tattoos and hopefully love!!