Friday, August 27, 2010


After spending 4 wasteful hours of my life at my job, I was able to have lunch with 2 amazing friends/co-workers.  I love my A-Team!!  I needed some time with my girls.  Amazing food with yummy drinks made my Friday perfect.  Also blasting our lazy, useless, bitch of a head manager on the radio with the cherry on the cake.  Awwww I love my life!!!
I am gearing up for a very busy weekend.  Between work and moving, I am one busy woman. 
Me and my love are moving into a two bedroom apartment with his co-worker for a 6 month lease.  We are both trying to save some money to get our own place.  I am ready to start our family in our own place.  A place where we don't have to rent.  So I am off to pack up our lives and ready to start our new adventure.

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